Ryan’s built its business and reputation in the vending industry by being honest and truthful, with a desire to give back to the communities that we lived and worked in. Five years ago we started marketing ourselves as being Socially Responsible as we felt social responsibility built upon the long term values this company has always had.

Carbon Neutral

Over the last five years, like many organizations, we have spent considerable time and resources trying to lower our impact on the environment. We feel that in order to be Socially Responsible we have to be responsible about our impact on the environment.

We didn’t really know where to start back then but ended up developing an intensive recycling program for the waste that we generated. We moved away from having a cardboard recycling bin and a garbage can to having numerous bins for a wide variety of products. From there, we used technology which helped us reduce the number of stops our drivers made throughout the course of a day which in turn correlated into less trucks on the street and less fuel consumed each year. In conjunction with technological investments we started purchasing the most fuel efficient vehicles we could find and soon had a new fleet of trucks and hybrid management vehicles.
As we went through these processes and made these improvements we were still left with the feeling that we could be doing more. Continued research kept pointing us in the direction of purchasing carbon offsets as a way to truly eliminate our organizations carbon footprint. This lead to months of research and gathering information about our footprint and sourcing a broker we could trust and as of January 2010 Ryan Company Ltd. officially became carbon neutral.
We are committed to understanding what makes up our carbon footprint, and what steps we have to take to reduce it. We have hired a Sustainability Coordinator and by purchasing carbon offsets we have made a financial commitment to reduce our footprint. With the help of our partners  Ryan’s has increased their understanding of what it means to be carbon neutral, and what it can do to further decrease its carbon footprint. This is an exciting step for us and we encourage all of our partners to consider the environment and the impact their organizations have on it.

Healthy Choices

We at Ryan’s feel it is Socially Responsible to provide healthy food and drink choices in our product menus and we take this responsibility seriously. Years before our provincial government created the guidelines for healthy foods in public buildings and schools, Ryan’s was already providing dietician approved products in their machines. We felt it was important because we believe eating right is everybody’s business.
Part of being Socially Responsible is doing the right thing for the greater good of the community. We realize we can play an important role in fostering healthy eating habits in kids and adults and our machines reflect our desire and ability to do so. Look for healthy options in our machines today