The technology Ryan’s uses to manage its business is unmatched in Western Canada. New technologies such as wireless communication, cashless operation, guaranteed delivery, and up-to-the-minute data reporting, we’re able to provide a truly unrivaled service.

Wireless Data Reporting

Through wireless data reporting, we’re able to receive up-to-the-minute overviews of inventory and sales trends. The instant an item in your location is running low, an alert is sent to our offices detailing the problem. With an average response time of just 2 to 4 hours, this means you’ll never run out of your favorite items.

Payment Systems

Ryan’s invests heavily in machine payment systems ensuring that the end user consumer can purchase products through a variety of payment forms. Over 50% of our vending machines currently accept coin and bills and we are well on our way to providing credit and debit acceptance as Ryan’s is one of two companies in Canada whom are trialing cashless payment systems for vending machines.

Global Positioning Systems

We use GPS to track all of our vehicles so we know where our representatives are all the time. This ability allows us to dispatch the closest service technicians to your facility and provide you with the quickest response time in the industry.

Mobile Communications

All of our employees carry cellular phones to receive dispatched calls and communicate with the rest of our team. We also use mobile email so that we can receive what you send us at any time of the day.

Guaranteed Delivery

We use guaranteed delivery systems on many of our vending machines such as Golden Eye and SureVend so as to ensure our customers always get the product they desire or they get their money back.