Ryan’s provides a variety of services to an extensive mix of customers. Currently we provide the following services including food service, coin counting and vending machine management.

Traditional Vending

Vending machines will be placed for free and will be filled on a regular basis.

Subsidized Vending

Vending machines will be placed at no cost and products can be vended at a reduced cost with your organization paying the difference between the discounted selling price in the machine and the total price of the product(s).

Free Vending

Beverage coolers or vending machines will be placed at no cost and the employees can grab products at no charge. The company will be billed on a monthly basis for the products consumed.


Ryan’s provides wholesale services to many clients within our operating territories. If you are looking for an alternative supplier of products or is a business looking to have products delivered for staff events, Ryan’s is a convenient and affordable option.

Complete Coffee Service

In the last five years the standard of coffee has risen dramatically. Employees in the work place expect a high standard of coffee or they will leave the workplace to visit a coffee shop. Ryan’s can provide a complete office coffee service utilizing the latest in coffee dispensing equipment and quality brand name coffee products and accessories.

Micro Markets

Micro markets are a great full range service mini-market that can include more extensive lunchroom services such as microwaves, coolers, take-away fresh lunch meals and traditional snacks and beverages. Micro markets allow a more customizable and user-friendly shopping experience. They are ideal in a secure location and are complete with self-checkout and payment technology.